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7.00am - 6.00pm

Flexible days or out of hours care available upon request.


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Here at Angel’s Academy we aim to provide an environment that your child positively wants to come to, whether that’s once or twice a week, or every day.

We love the children to play outdoors weather permitting - we have a large garden, with a trampoline, swing see-saw, bike and slide and a parachute with coloured balls. Indoor activities include cooking, arts and crafts, messy play, music and dance sessions, story time and much more.

We like to visit the parks around the area and many other local attractions.

Fresh healthy food is served daily, with healthy snacks and fresh water or diluted juice readily available throughout the day.

My qualifications include CACHE level 3 in childcare, and Paediatric First aid. We also received a ‘good’ rating from Ofsted at our last inspection.

I have also worked for more than 11 years in childcare with positions in Sure Start in London, Leap Frog nursery, and Bushy Tail nursery. My other experience includes working for an Adult Education College as their childcare provider, and with Ma-wa company as their crèche coordinator.  I also have teaching assistant experience and relevant qualification.


Please contact me for vacancies letting me know what type of care you require. Also unsocial or flexible hours are available upon request.


I have many policies that give each child the best possible start in life.

They are available for all parents and carers to see at any time.

Q) Do you provide a wide variety of foods?

It is important to introduce babies and young children to a wide variety of tastes, but also to respect a child’s right not to have to eat things they really dislike.

I provide balanced meals trying to include where possible all the nutrients - protein, fibre, calcium, minerals, vitamins - that most children require to keep healthy and grow.

Q) What about Halal or Kosher foods?

Here at Angels Academy we provide nutritious, healthy meals including Halal or Kosher if requested. We also always make sure that our menu changes on a regular basis.

Q) What about baby foods?

I am also happy to supply simple nutritious pureed meals for a weaning baby as I have always done this for my own children, but appreciate that most parents prefer to supply their own food.

I ask that parents supply all formula/expressed milk and bottles for younger babies.



A little about us and our setting


We can provide nutritious, healthy meals for your child although packed lunches can also be bought from home if desired. Water, milk and very diluted juice is offered daily. Healthy eating and food hygiene is regularly discussed with the children.

Monday lunch -  Shepherd's pie

Tuesday lunch -  Beef/chicken/vegetable casserole with mash potato or rice

Wednesday lunch - Tuna/cheesy pasta bake

Thursday lunch - Vegetable/chicken risotto

Friday lunch - Mild chicken curry


Play room - Childminders in Basingstoke

The following is an example from a typical day.

The children will be using musical instruments, dancing, painting, cooking, baking, and arts and crafts and also taking part in topical discussions.

• 08.00 - 09.30  Welcome and Free Play

09.30 - 10.00  Circle time

10.00 - 10.15  Snack time

10.15 - 12.00  Early Years Foundation Activities

12.00 - 13.00  LUNCH

13.15 - 14.30  Rest period

14.30 - 15.30  Outdoor Play

15.30 - 16.30 Snack time

16.30 - 17.00  Circle time – Story time, singing and dancing

17.00 - 18.00 Quiet time and farewell

We also like to visit local parks, farms and children centres during the day, weather permitting.

Activities 2 - Emma Durrant - Childminder - Benfleet - Essex