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7.00am - 6.00pm

Flexible days or out of hours care available upon request.


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Where children explore new things

It is important that before we start to care for your child the planning of your child’s routine is discussed with you so that we are able to provide continuity on all aspects of your child’s care and incorporate their individual needs by adjusting my daily routine accordingly, if appropriate. By following the same pattern that has been established by you this will in turn help your child feel emotionally safe and secure in our care.

As a parent, you will regularly be provided with a timetable of activities. Each day is planned in advance and activities such as arts and crafts are prepared for the evening before. A variety of activities will be carried out during the day, depending on the ages of the children in our care, the time of year and the weather.  Parents will be given details of the weekly routine together with any planned activities in advance so that the child arrives appropriately dressed for each day.

We take the children on regular outings when possible. Written parental consent may be required for some trips and outings and I will ask that a consent form is signed and any entry fees for more expensive activities be paid prior to the date of the outing.


In the morning the children are generally having breakfast, followed by the school run. For those children not attending school, this is the time when we start our visits to the children’s centre or park etc. For those on a full day or after school I have many and varied activities. I have books, toys, equipment, resources and theme-based activities to stimulate development in all age groups.

I will try to vary the activities so that the children will have the opportunity to explore many new and different things, whilst also giving them time to learn to play with others and by themselves.  For example, I am aware of the many cultural festivals throughout the year. I discuss and explore these festivals with the children.

At meal times, I will ask children to help set and clear the table. Hopefully this will teach them that to have fun whist also having chores to be done. This will also include clearing away following any activities around the house.

Activities the children love to use include: playing with toys (for all ages), painting & drawing, baking, reading, puzzles, singing, using the PC for games, learning or homework, music & movement, crafts, learning numbers, letters & colours, playing board games, dressing up, outdoor games, paddling pool in summer (fully supervised), trampoline and slide etc.


• Always do what we are asked to do

• Be kind to each other and also to the animals in the house

• Be polite and don’t use rude words

• Never climb, jump or stand on the furniture

• Never open the front door unless there is a grown-up with you

• Never undo your seatbelt when we are in the car

• Always cross the road safely

• Stay close to an adult and work as part of a group

• Treat the toys and other play equipment with respect

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